Ear Wax Removal

If your hearing seems muffled – it could be a build up of wax.

Rather than wait for up to 2 weeks to see your local GP, our clinical audiologists can instantly remove for you by microsuction or irrigation – normally within 24 hours.   The cost is £80.

We are London’s independent hearing clinics located in:

  • Harley Street
  • Health Hub – South London
  • Golders Green – North London
  • Camden

What is Microsuction?

A gentle suction device is used to remove earwax under a microscope.  The procedure is quick, safe and painless, and doesn’t involve putting liquid into your ear.

What is Irrigation?

A low pressure flow of water, using a specialised ear irrigator, is used to gently remove wax blockage.  The water is a similar temperature to your body, so the procedure is quite comfortable. The flow of water is carefully directed towards the upper ear canal wall to gently flow out bringing the wax with it.

Health Hub Ear Wax Removal

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