Hearing Glasses

Hearing Glasses or Spectacle Aids

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There are two types of Hearing Glasses, or Spectacle Aids

The all-in-one version

Which incorporate 4 tiny microphones inside each of the arms of the glasses.  The sound signals from the microphones are passed through a processor that determines the sounds that should be amplified.  This allows the hearing glasses to lower background noise while selectively strengthening sound coming from in front of you, to give a natural sound.

You select your frame and the style of hearing device; you can choose from a range of 9 frames in 3 different colours.  They also come with rechargeable batteries with a charger.

There are also 2 different hearing aid styles, Behind-the-ear (BTE) with a tube or a Receiver-in-Canal (RIC).

Your own glasses adapted 

The hearing aid clicks onto the frames of your own glasses.  It is also possible to adapt any additional sets of sunglasses and reading glasses.

8 channels allow one of our highly trained audiologists to program the device to your precise level of hearing loss.  They are easily removed for cleaning or servicing.

One of our highly trained audiologists will advise on what is the best for your personal needs. 

Hearing Glasses or Spectacle Aids

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