Lyric FAQ’s

Lyric FAQ’s

Frequently asked questions for the only truly invisible Lyric hearing aid.

Lyric is designed for people with mild to moderately-severe hearing loss.

There is no catch.  We are confident that if you are fitted with Lyric and it suits you, you will not want to wear a conventional hearing aid.

A Lyric trained hearing professional will assess your hearing loss, ear size and shape, medical conditions, and lifestyle, to determine if Lyric is the right choice. Approximately half of people with hearing loss may be Lyric candidates. If Lyric is suitable for you, in most cases you will be fitted there and then.

No -Lyric is NOT a surgically implanted device. Lyric is placed and programmed in clinic by a Lyric trained hearing professional. The sizing and fitting process for Lyric takes about one hour.

Yes you can remove Lyric if you need to.  You will be provided with a removal tool which is safe and easy to use.  We are there to help if you have any difficulties

Lyric can be worn for months at a time. However, individual replacement needs will vary as device battery life is subject to individual ear conditions.

The exterior of Lyric is made of a soft material specifically designed to contour to the ear canal.  This soft exterior helps make Lyric comfortable to wear.  After an initial adjustment period most patients no longer feel Lyric in their ear.

Yes with custom-made swim moulds.

External headphones and external hearing protection can be used. Do not use inserted headsets, earbuds, or earplugs, because they may dislodge the device.  

Lyric must be removed before you have an MRI. Unlike an MRI, an X-ray or CT scan will not damage or dislodge the device because a magnet is not used.  If an X-ray or CT scan of the ear or head is needed, the Lyric may need to be removed. Let your physician know that you are wearing Lyric if you are having surgery or a medical procedure of any kind.

Yes, it is perfectly safe.

No. Lyric’s metal components are too small to set off metal detectors.

Yes, one of the benefits of Lyric’s placement is that it can be worn while talking on the phone.

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