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Client Testimonials

A pleasure to be a client

My audiologist Jordon gave me complete professional service, attending to my every need with courtesy and skill. It’s a pleasure to be a client of Harley Street Hearing. William Griffiths

You can expect the best and most attentive service

You can expect the best, and most attentive service from all the staff at Harley Street Hearing. Been going there for Over 10 years, and can say this without a moment’s hesitation. It’s worth paying a tad more for peace of mind that you really are getting the best care for your hearing. Freddie Ahad

Extremely understanding and knowledgable

I was referred to Ms. Roe of Harley Street Hearing by my ENT consultant. She was extremely understanding and knowledgable of my condition and I felt totally at ease. I would not hesitate in recommending her for hearing therapy / audiology services at all to friends and family and would definitely return should I need assistance. In general I have found all staff very polite, friendly and want to help you. Fantastic customer service! Mark Lee Potter

Can’t recommend Jaz highly enough

My wife had tried to track down a good audiologist for almost two years and found it very difficult to find one she was comfortable with and confident in. The whole area of advice on hearing problems and solutions appears to be a minefield of misinformation and no information, with independent expert advice extremely hard to locate. Then by chance we heard about Jaz Bahra at Harley Street Hearing. From the moment my wife met Jaz, everything quickly turned around. She evidently knew what she was talking about, she communicated brilliantly, and the advice she gave was spot on. She was also excellent at fitting the hearing aids and fine-tuning them to suit my wife’s particular hearing needs, and she continues to help when needed. We can’t recommend her highly enough.  C. Fowler

Jennifer Rosellen Morgan

Jennifer Rosellen Morgan

I have nothing but the highest regard for all of the audiologists I have seen at Harley Street Hearing (and I think I have seen them all!). My case was very complicated so it required numerous visits, often at very short notice, and every single time they were fantastic at ensuring I was seen as soon as possible and every staff member is professional, caring and knowledgeable so I cannot fault their service.

The audiologist I saw the most was Matthew Allsop and even though hearing loss in your twenties is not particularly fun (in fact I have found it pretty upsetting as I explained to Matt in my very first appointment!) every single time I saw him I left with a smile on my face due to his friendly manner, the fact he was SO patient with me (I am very nervous and sensitive about having my ears tested/examined), very clearly dedicated to doing his absolute best to help me at every appointment PLUS always taking the time to respond to any questions or concerns I had by email in between appointments. Definitely 5/5 stars, 100% recommend Matthew.

I highly recommend Harley Street Hearing for all your audiology requirements.

Alex Hayward

My name is Alex Hayward, I’m a Property Renovator and Developer (Pinewood Property).  My parents first realised I had a hearing loss when I was 4.  I was given an NHS hearing aid when joining a new school age 7. I was stubborn at this age and never wore it! Then at university I was struggling in lecture theatres so invested in some digital aids. I only used these during lectures, never socially.

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Paul Miller

Paul Miller

When I attended meetings at work it was always so difficult to hear that it made me feel stressed and tired. Although I have always had a hearing loss, I have never wanted to wear a hearing aid. Thanks to my tiny Lyric device, I can hear perfectly and no-one can tell I have a hearing aid. Its unbelievable, I can hear the rustle of paper and even hear my watch ticking. As for music it just sounds beautiful.

Thanks to my Lyric instruments and the professional staff at Harley Street Hearing it’s like a whole new hearing world has opened-up to me. Even if it cost twice as much it would be worth every penny!

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Eric Hill

Eric Hill

Playing and listening to music, especially the acoustic classical guitar, has been central to my life. After far too many years putting up with  tinnitus, (a hissing radiator sound), and a habit of frequently asking people  to repeat words, I conquered my professional musician, psychological barriers to wearing hearing aids and sought help. I first tried the NHS and discovered that the free hearing aids made violins in particular sound like chalk scraping on a blackboard.  A love of music was not made very important in the consultation; it was all about recognition of words.  I decided to “go private” and came to Paul Checkley at the Harley Street Hearing Centre. I was fitted with a pair of extremely discrete Widex hearing aids and I played my guitar and listened to orchestral and jazz music as part of the computer “tuning” of the aids. This was in addition to an exhaustive analysis of my response to words. The result has been wonderful, particularly as I have learned to control them using the remote wireless volume control. At the start of orchestral concerts I establish the loudest part, (usually the brass section), and adjust to that. I love starting the day by putting BBC Radio 3 on and hearing the music come alive as I put the aids in place. Without them it sounds as if it’s been smothered in cotton wool! Thank you Paul and Harley Street Hearing.

Robert B. Sherman

Robert B. Sherman

My hearing aids are fantastic! They are extremely sensitive, easy to use and are so small that they are practically undetectable when being worn. Paul Checkley’s service was also outstanding. He was very attentive to my needs. These hearing aids are the most practical pair I’ve owned.