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Christmas & New Year Opening Hours

Harley Street Hearing is open on Christmas Eve 24th December 9am – 1pm and then open again on Thursday 27th & Friday 28th December 9am-5.30pm.  We are open 9am-1pm on New Years Eve Monday 31st December and then open again at 9am as normal on 2nd January 2019. Festive greetings to all our patients.

If you’d like to book an appointment please call 020 7486 1053 or complete the form below.

Travelling with hearing loss

Travelling with Hearing Loss.  Forida had always wanted to travel but was scared of travelling with her hearing loss.  After an appointment at Harley Street Hearing everything changed.

“I was given one pair of Opn miniRITE chargeable hearing aids. 

My audiologist, Jas, helped me to download an app called Oticon ON which helps me to hear straight from my iPhone and helps me to turn the volume up and down.  She showed me how to use everything step by step and how to maintain hygiene. When I went to book another appointment, for the first time I could actually hear everything that the receptionist was saying, She was so lovely and said good luck with your journey with the new hearing aids. I was soo excited. I couldn’t wait to go and explore everything”

To read the full article click here

Give the gift of hearing

Have you got someone in your family who you’ve noticed isn’t quite getting the whole conversation, or goes quiet when there’s alot going on.  They could be one of the 1 in every 6 adults that have hearing loss.

Hearing loss can have many causes, but in most cases it can be addressed successfully.

We are London’s largest independent hearing clinic. 

Call us now to book a hearing consultation on 020 7486 1053 or complete below.

Phonak’s new Marvel

Come in to Harley Street Hearing, London’s largest independnet hearing clinic for a trial of Phonak’s MARVELous new hearing aid.

This new generation technology recognises and automatically adapts to precisely match more listening situations than ever before.

With AutoSense OSTM 3.0 and
Binaural VoiceStream Technology
in all models, you can enjoy better speech understanding in noise and less listening effort in everyday life.

What to Expect

• Exceptional sound quality from the first fit
• Better speech understanding in noise
• Reduced listening effort in noise
• Top rated streamed sound quality

Rechargeable Technology

• switch on automatically when removed from the charger and turn off when placed back in the charging case
• Ease of use – no more disposable batteries
• Full day of hearing including streaming
• Super quick charging
• Battery engineered to last 6 years

Whether you already have hearing aids and are curious to see the amazing advances in hearing aid technology; or you’ve got some hearing concerns and would like us to assess your hearing in a relaxed atmosphere with one of our highly trained audiologists, call us now on 0207 486 1053 or complete the form below.

Hearing Loss: 100 Years of Adult Education at City Lit

Harley Street Hearing’s Matthew Allsop (Operations Director) was delighted to be invited to this evening of celebration at the House of Commons. Guest speakers included Rt Hon Damian Hinds MP, Secretary of State for Education, and James Fitzpatrick, MP for Poplar and Limehouse since 2010.

City Lit offers over 5000 short courses in the centre of London.  Amongst the very first courses were lipreading classes for WWI veterans who had acquired hearing loss serving in the trenches. Link to City Lit

JP Morgan Hearing Loss Education

Paul Checkley & Jaspreet Bahra presented to over 100 staff, family & friends, of JP Morgan employees with hearing loss, at their head office in Central London.

They discussed the amazing new advances in hearing aid technology; detailed the different types of hearing loss; and spoke about how colleagues and family and friends can use communication tactics to optimise hearing both at work and at home.


Thought leaders embrace Copenhagen

Paul Checkley, Clinical Director at Harley Street Hearing attended a select thought leaders event in Denmark. 

Paul said “I was pleased to be involved in helping to shape the future of hearing technology on an international platform.”

A select group discussed sharing best practices for the evolution of client consultation and how technology can be used to develop the client experience in 2018. 

Harley Street Hearing at the Opera

Harley Street Hearing with Musicians Hearing Services are proud to have been asked to provide earcare services and education about hearing protection to the orchestra at Royal Opera House. Many musicians are not aware of the potential harm that continued exposure to loud music can cause to hearing. We provide information and advice to the players and work with them to develop strategies to minimise the risk of hearing damage.


Harley Street Hearing take part in BBC documentary – My daughter, deafness and me

Maya is a lovely, five year old girl with a joyful nature and a lust for life. We were delighted to be asked to take part in this sensitive documentary about Maya and her family and how her hearing loss affects all aspects of family life.

We at Harley Street Hearing are committed to promoting general awareness about hearing and hearing loss. We are pleased to be involved in activities that seek to improve general understanding of deaf and hard of hearing issues, particularly in relation to paediatrics.

Watch the video above to see what happened when Maya and her mother, Eastenders actress Rita Simons, visited Harley Street Hearing.

Alt-J – 2012 Mercury Music Prize winners

We first met Alt-J  earlier this year when they came to the practice’s Musician’s Hearing Service for their on-stage ear-monitors. At the appointment, audiologist and co-founder of Harley Street Hearing Paul noticed that drummer Thom was wearing just one 10-year-old NHS aid – its pair was broken – and introduced him to literature on the latest manufacturers and digital technology possibilities. “I was blown away by how little I knew about new hearing aids,” says Thom.

Thom returned to Harley Street Hearing for a full hearing test where, along with Paul’s advice, he opted for a binaural pair of Widex Clear 440s. A couple of weeks later, in-between band commitments and touring, Thom returned for his fitting, an experience that up until that point in his life, he could never have imagined.

“The fitting with Paul was great,” he says. “It was overwhelming. I knew that I’d be surprised and it would be amazing but I couldn’t have imagined how fantastic it would be. The levels of my new aids are so good. I’m aware of my voice; I can hear the sound of my pronunciation.”

Harrogate-born Thom was born with Alport Syndrome, a condition that results in hearing loss, kidney disease and can affect eye-sight.

Because of his profession and the sheer volume of touring the band was set to take on in the coming months and years, at their initial consultation Thom decided to opt for CICs as opposed to the BTEs he had been wearing. “When you’re touring, you sleep wherever you can and more often than not, that’s in the van. If you’re trying to sleep with your head leaning against a metal pole your hearing aids get in the way. It’s amazing to now have that whole freedom away from my ears.”

During the fitting, Paul was careful to caution Thom that everything might initially sound strange, especially as Thom had auditory deprivation, having not worn the pair to his aid for over a year. “In situations like this, it takes time to get used to the new sound,” explains Paul. “It will initially feel strange and a bit surreal because the brain is re-adjusting to binaural hearing, which affects balance.”

But Thom soon got used to his new aids and the band embarked on a summer of touring and playing festivals from Japan to Los Angeles, and all over Europe.

As well as being fitted with Widex Clear 440 CICs, Thom now has the Widex M-Dex, an assistive listening device for use with the mobile phone, which has also helped in his life as a member of a Mercury Prize-winning band. “I do a lot of promo and phone interviews,” he says. “The M-Dex makes such a difference. It’s so unique.”