Phonak Lumity NEW hearing aid models added to their platform

Phonak announce new hearing aid models to add to their new Lumity platform:

Naida – behind-the-ear (BTE) hearing aid

Phonak’s most powerful hearing device, robust and reliable, allowing you to embrace all opportunities and navigate conversations with confidence.

Sky – behind-the-ear paediatric hearing aid

Children spend nearly 90% of their elementary school day exposed to speech in noisy environments. This is why Sky Lumity (L) hearing aids incorporate cutting-edge technology designed exclusively for kids, prioritising speech understanding in noise. Children can effortlessly engage with others, whether close together or on the move. Now available in a 14 different colours.

CROS hearing aid – to manage single-sided deafness

CROS Lumity is a solution for you if you have unaidable hearing in one ear and normal hearing or an aidable hearing loss in your better hearing ear. It will transmit the the sounds and voices from the ear you cannot hear in to the ear you can so your hearing ear can pick up sounds from both sides.

All of these types of hearing aids include the following new features:

SmartSpeech Technology which runs under their new automatic program, AutoSense 5.0. This scans your environment 700 times per second and automatically adapts to your unique listening situation.

Phonak Stereo Zoom 2.0 directional microphone technology gives you a greater awareness of your environmental sounds as well as the person in front of you when surrounding noise levels are a little bit lower. And then, if  the noise levels pick up, then there’s a gradual focus on the person in front of you.

Phonak Speech Sensor – a 360-degree speech detection algorithm designed to improve your hearing of conversations from the right, the left, or even behind you. Phonak state from their research that 80% of conversations generally come from in front of us, with the other 20% from either behind or the side. This new feature is designed to identify conversations happening close by from all other directions and then open up the beamformer in a noisy environment to a more omnidirectional setting, allowing you to pick up that speech without you necessarily needing to look at the person speaking.

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