Duncan Feather

“Four years ago, I became aware of Lyric hearing aids.  I arranged to see Harley Street Hearing when I was next in London. I was assessed and the hearing aids were fitted at the same appointment, and I have been wearing them 24 hours a day ever since.  

I go about my everyday life, without being aware of wearing hearing aids. I know that I am hearing the best that technology has to offer, as I receive improvements that are always incorporated in the new Lyric hearing aids when I have them changed every few months.  

With traditional  hearing aids there’s the inconvenience of changing batteries, the irritation of wind noise, and the hearing aids may well be superseded within a year.  

I am delighted with Lyric and can endorse everything that I have read about them.  I am very happy with the service I have received and have recommended Harley Street Hearing to numerous friends and colleagues.”