Oticon OpnS

Oticon OpnS improves your ability to understand speech even in challenging environments. That means less listening effort for you. You don’t have to work as hard to understand, leaving more cognitive resources to remember what you hear.

Exceptionally fast processsing speed makes it possible

50 times faster than the previous generation. Scans your environment more than 100 times per second to distinguish speech from noise.

Helps your hearing aids work together to identify where sounds are coming from. All to enable your brain to make sense of sound with less effort. So you enjoy a fuller, more natural soundscape.

Breakthrough technology stops feedback even before it occurs.

Proven BrainHearing benefits:

  • Reduces your listening effort.
  • Helps you remember more of what is being said.
  • Gives you better speech understanding.
  • Improves your ability to follow conversations with multiple speakers.

Connect to your world

Everyday connectivity: Watching TV, listening to music, video chatting and more are simpler than ever.

Oticon ON App

Adjust volume, switch programs, and check battery level with just a tap of your finger. There’s even a convenient “find my hearing aid” feature.

A new booster function giving your hearing aids an extra boost allowing speech to stand out from noise in an everyday situation

Rechargeable option

Just place the hearing aids in the charger for three hours, and you’ll have power for the entire day. 

Small size, big performance

Oticon Opn miniRITE gives you a discreet, compact hearing aid with a wealth of innovative features and functionalities.

As we are independent we can choose from all Oticon hearing aids available, as well as from all hearing manufacturers. 

We can also repair and adjust any Oticon, or other manufacturer’s, hearing aids. Call 020 7486 1053

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