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Paul Checkley

Paul Checkley

Paul is our Clinical Director and has over 15 years experience as a Clinical Scientist in the NHS, specialising in hearing instrument technology and audiological rehabilitation. Alongside his UK experience, Paul has spent 10 years working for a world leading Swiss hearing technology manufacturer. Here he was involved in research and development and product application. He is also a registered clinical ear care practitioner.

Matthew Allsop

Matthew Allsop

Matthew Allsop is one of the Partners and the Operations Director at Harley Street Hearing.  He has over 12 years’ experience in audiology, and has practiced in both the NHS and the private sector.

Matthew has experience in both adult and paediatric audiology.  He prides himself on being able to get the best out of the latest hearing aid technology, tailoring hearing aids not only to diagnostic results but also the lifestyle of the patient’s that he cares for.

Get in touch with the practice to see how Matthew can get the best from your ears and hearing.

Geraldine Daly

Geraldine Daly

Geraldine Daly – Harley Street Hearing Director is a hearing aid audiologist and registered general nurse, with over 20 years experience in the private sector. As well as fitting and fine tuning hearing aids, Geraldine provides advice on hearing protection to a host of well-known names in the music industry. She has also been dubbed “audiologist to the stars” by the Sunday Times magazine.

Jaspreet Bahra

HSH Senior Lyric Audiologist

Jaspreet is our most senior audiologist and registered hearing aid dispenser. She has a wealth of experience in both the NHS and the private sector. Her main area of interest is hearing instrument technology and she runs our Lyric invisible hearing programme. She is also experienced in audiological and vestibular diagnostics.

Ayesha Bandali

Ayesha Bandali is a senior audiologist and registered clinical ear care practitioner, specialising in hearing instrument technology and audiological rehabilitation. She has worked with numerous cutting-edge hearing aid distributors, both in the public and private sector, and has over 7 year’s experience practicing in adult and paediatric audiology. Ayesha has a particular interest in vestibular pathologies, and she is now a key member of the vestibular diagnostic and rehabilitation team. She is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life through better hearing and balance.

Jordon Thompson

Jordon Thompson

Jordon Thompson is our Senior Clinical Audiologist and Hearing Therapist.   He completed his undergraduate studies at McMaster University (Hamilton, Canada) and his graduate studies at the French-language University of Ottawa (Ottawa, Canada), where he received his qualifications in Audiology.  He has over 6 years of experience in the field, both in the public and private sectors, and has particular interests in diagnostic audiology and management of tinnitus and hyperacusis.

Additionally, he has had his research published in the Canadian Acoustics journal.

Jordon is our resident Francophone clinician and is able to provide full audiology consultations and services in the French language.

Fiona Butterworth

Fiona Butterworth employee photo

Fiona joined the team at Harley Street Hearing in 2018 and is one of our senior audiologists. She studied at the Institute of Sound and Vibration Research (part of the University of Southampton), completing a joint honours undergraduate degree in Acoustical Engineering and Music before starting her masters in Audiology.

As a musician in her spare time, Fiona is keen to use her own experiences to inform her work, and is continually broadening her understanding of how hearing, hearing aids, and music are linked. Fiona has also given presentations to several London orchestras, raising awareness and educating on the importance of using hearing protection within all musical environments.

George Roberts

George qualified as an Audiologist in 2015 with a First Class degree from the University of Manchester. He spent the next 3 years working with the NHS, enrolled on the Scientist Training Programme which he completed in 2018.

George has a special interest in working with clients experiencing balance disorders to assess their problems and help them to rehabilitate. He is also experienced in diagnostic Audiology, hearing aid technology and paediatric Audiology. He is one of our Senior Clinical Audiologists.

Pebbles Oladipo

Pebbles Oladipo Employee Photo

Pebbles Oladipo is a Clinical Audiologist. She took her undergraduate degree in Audiology at University of Leeds and has worked as an audiologist for over 4 years.  She completed her MSc in Advanced Audiology in 2019.  Her particular interest in vestibular diagnostics was sparked by having a family member experience Meniere’s disease.  She is now a key member of the vestibular team alongside her work in hearing aids and diagnostics. In her spare time Pebbles enjoys art and crafts.

Lulu Mohamed

Lulu employee photo

Lulu Mohamed is a Clinical Audiologist.  She completed her undergraduate degree in Medical Genetics at Queen Mary University of London and went on to complete a Masters in Audiology at University College, London (UCL).  Lulu has 6 years’ experience working in the field of Audiology both in the NHS and privately.  She is particularly interested in vestibular diagnostics and hearing aid rehabilitation.  Lulu is passionate about improving people’s quality of life through better hearing and improved overall communication.